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The staff of our company support the clients by providing them with the best solutions, and they reply to the chat or mails of the customers as soon as possible, and they have a lot of experience. Our staff are customer friendly and respect customers.

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Dhanwapur Rd, Tech Chand Nagar, Sector 104, Gurugram - 122006, India

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    RMS Packers Movers and Logistic company has been in the packing and moving business for years, and its movers are highly experienced on online review websites.

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    Our company authorities reserve the right to change the following terms and conditions. 1. RMS Packers Movers and Logistic Company will not transfer any government property. 2. Environmental polluters will not take responsibility for moving any assets. 3. If an item is completely broken or damaged prior to transportation, none of the Company’s personnel or experts shall be responsible for the destruction of the item.

    RMS Packers Movers and Logistic

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